Northam Golf Club

Northam Golf Club Competition List
Most Consistent
24-04-2012 LADIES Stableford Jenny Becker Trophy Display Results
01-05-2012 LADIES Stroke Steves Hair Care Display Results
08-05-2012 LADIES Stableford Cadds Surf and Sport Display Results
15-05-2012 LADIES Stroke Jeannette Masters Trophy Display Results
29-05-2012 LADIES Stableford Retravision Trophy Display Results
02-06-2012 LADIES Stableford Voucher Display Results
05-06-2012 LADIES Stroke Trophy - Northam Home Hardware
2nd Silver Spoon - 3rd Judy Beresford Putting Competition
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10-06-2012 LADIES Stableford Late Jack Cutmore Trophy Display Results
12-06-2012 LADIES Stroke Trophy - Northam Tavern
Jubilee Fours
19-06-2012 LADIES Stroke Trophy - Northam Toyota
3rd Silver Spoon - 4th Judy Beresford Putting Competition - 2nd International Bowl
26-06-2012 LADIES Par Trophy - Mitre 10
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03-07-2012 LADIES Stroke Trophy - Jean Joyce
1st Round Championships - 4th Silver Spoon - 3rd International Bowl - 5th Judy Beresford Putting Competition
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10-07-2012 LADIES Stroke Trophy Norma Lawler
2nd Round Campionships - 5th Silver Spoon
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17-07-2012 LADIES Stroke Trophy Jenna Tavern
Final Round Championships
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24-07-2012 LADIES Stableford Trophy - Marge Haddrill
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01-08-2012 LADIES Stableford Northam Districts Glass Service Display Results
02-08-2012 LADIES Stroke AVLGA RD 1 Display Results
03-08-2012 LADIES Stroke AVLGA RD 2 Display Results
07-08-2012 LADIES Stableford Trophy - Pattons Panel and Paint
3rd Jess Errington
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14-08-2012 LADIES Stableford Trophy - Specialised Tree Services
4th Round Jess Errington
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21-08-2012 LADIES Stroke Championship 4's 27 holes
25-08-2012 LADIES Stableford Northam Open Weekend Rd 1
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26-08-2012 LADIES Stableford Northam Open Weekend Rd 2
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28-08-2012 LADIES Stableford Captain v Vice Captain Display Results
04-09-2012 LADIES Par Trophy - Dunnings Ampol
08-09-2012 LADIES Par Specialised Tree - Ladies Display Results
11-09-2012 LADIES Stroke Trophy - Ballantynes Jewellers
6th Judy Bearesford Putting Competition
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18-09-2012 LADIES Stableford Trophy - Northam Club
6th Jess Errington
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25-09-2012 LADIES Stableford Northam Pharmacy Display Results
02-10-2012 LADIES Par Trophy - Northam Sports Power
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09-10-2012 LADIES Stroke Trophy - Adele Clarke & Vera Sheen
Canadian Foursomes