Northam Golf Club

Northam Golf Club Competition List
Most Consistent
08-04-2017 MEN Stableford Match Committee Trophy
15-04-2017 MEN Stableford Northam Club
29-04-2017 MEN Stableford Spuds Carpentry
30-04-2017 MEN Par
06-05-2017 MEN Stroke K & D Casey (1st RND C/C Monthly Mug)
07-05-2017 MEN Stableford
13-05-2017 MEN Stableford Mauri Foods
16-05-2017 MEN Stableford Quins Gourmet Butchers (GBC)
20-05-2017 MEN Stableford WA Farm Trees
27-05-2017 MEN Stableford PFD Foods Springfield Cup rd1
28-05-2017 MEN Stableford Sportspower Springfield Cup rd2)
03-06-2017 MEN Stableford
04-06-2017 MEN Stroke Grafton Electrics (2nd rd C/C Monthly Mug)
10-06-2017 MEN Stroke Sportspower Gillette Putter and Veterans Trophy
11-06-2017 MEN Stableford
15-06-2017 MEN Stableford Avon 4WD Centre (Championship Pairs)
17-06-2017 MEN Stableford Tyrepower 4BBB
23-06-2017 MEN Stroke Dempster Family Corolin Cup Rd2
25-06-2017 MEN Stableford
01-07-2017 MEN Stroke Elders Real Estate (3rd rd C/C Monthly Mug)
02-07-2017 MEN Stableford
08-07-2017 MEN Stroke Purslowe Tinetti Funerals Visitors Day (2P Ambrose)
09-07-2017 MEN Par
16-07-2017 MEN Stableford Northam Hyundai/ Valley Ford.
21-07-2017 MEN Stroke MJW Open Day (2Person Ambrose)
29-07-2017 MEN Stroke Avon Valley Nissan (4th rd C/C Monthly Mug)
30-07-2017 MEN Stableford Steves Hair Care.
05-08-2017 MEN Stroke Holden Scramble Mixed Teams
06-08-2017 MEN Par Speciale Smash Repairs
12-08-2017 MEN Stroke
13-08-2017 MEN Stableford
19-08-2017 MEN Stableford Countrywide Group and LLoyds Earthmoving
20-08-2017 MEN Par Multiple 27 holes Par.
26-08-2017 MEN Stableford Police Legacy Day.
27-08-2017 MEN Stroke Quins Gourmet Butchers (2Person Ambrose)
02-09-2017 MEN Par J and A Building
03-09-2017 MEN Stroke Northam Hardware (Final Round Club Champs)
09-09-2017 MEN Par Re-union Weekend
10-09-2017 MEN Par Re-union Weekend
17-09-2017 MEN Stableford Hartfield Golf Club
23-09-2017 MEN Stableford Various Spons "Farmers Day"
24-09-2017 MEN Stableford
30-09-2017 MEN Par AFL day AM Round Mens Closing